Art Trade with Wataru

So this March I asked Wataru to had an art trade with me. Luckily he said he had time to do that. I was afraid to get rejected though... Then I asked Wataru about our theme. He suggest that this time the theme was Domo's job + armors. Sounds fun and challenging (the details though...), so I accepted the theme.

He let me chose which character I would like to draw, and I stayed with 渉. I also let him chose one of my characters, and he chose 銀之助, the OC fandom that I had post in my twitter account. I requested him to drew my character with Lv 43-45 dancewear with wand any Lv, he requested me to drew his character with LV 13-15 light armor with sword any Lv. Then he explained that his main chara in Domo Japan is fencer, so he requested me that. LA (light armor) Lv 13-15 is his favorite armor. Little did I know that my choice of armor is also his favorite (probably second favorite).

Oh, my struggles with pose and details was about began...

First day after our agreement in theme and request, I spent 1 day just for imagining the pose, only. Since 渉's job is fencer I thought the pose had to indicate the job. The brainstorming begin, and I found 4 alternative poses.

Personally I like pose no. 3 best, but my brain said it wanted to paint sketch no 1, since the pose is more dynamic. 
By the time I was doing line art, Wataru had finished his drawing. It was so fast! knowing that, I slept late just to caught up the time so he shouldn't wait any longer. >.<
After that I spend hours to search the coloring reference. I always like cell-shaded coloring like in anime, so I researched cell shaded coloring anime style, and I tried to imitate Re:Zero anime's coloring style. I think I nailed it...

And now here's our results!

Art by Wataru:
It's really Wataru. Like, Wataru's drawing style. I instantly know that by looking at the eyes, details, shadow style, and hands. looking at that only I already know who draws what. He's good at making details. I admire his works from time to time, even from when I didn't know him. I considered him as one of the best Domo fanart's illustrator, and I respect him a lot.
GOSH MY BABY IS HANDSOME *nosebleed* *fainted*

Art by me:
Oh god finally after spent 5 days, I was FINISHED. Tbh, I used so many references just to made this artwork, especially for the armor details. In the end I like the final result, even though I found some mistakes. I am still newbie, I need to learn more...
Funny story though. I did this hurriedly after Wataru had finished his. I also spontaneous when making the background; I had no intention to made that at all. No references used when I made the background. It's just flowing and bang, it's done and I sent to Wataru.
5 hours after sent to Wataru, I suddenly realized that I FORGET TO DRAW THE HAT! I already planned to drew the hat but it just....POOF! Forget. At. All! But he likes the art so, I guess it's ok if I forget to draw the hat somehow....?

This probably the last time(or not?) I can ask someone to have an art trade with me. I have internship that started in April and they say it will be hectic for 12 months. Right now I still have to go to their office and do some pre-internship seminar for entire March.

Hope that I still can do more things with others in the future. Right now, cya!

omake after the met each other:

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