How I Met the Self-Proclaimed Himself as "Jew's Ear"

So today I will tell you about my foreign friend, and he is Japanese, meet 木耳 空旭 (kikurage soraaki).

Apparently Kikurage is also a Taiwanese DoMO player, and also Wataru's friend (i'll tell about how I met Wataru later). Because of that, I checked his twitter and most of his pictures are his drawing and fanart about DoMO, then I followed him. Then something unusual happened...

He mentioned me instantly after I followed him!!!
I was surprised........and the thing that made me more surprised was.....

He mistook me with someone else, I think, because of my real name is close enough (actually no) with Cassandra, and Cassandra is also from Indonesia. *fyi Cassandra is IGN in Taiwanese DoMO, the player is from Indonesia, too

Long short story, we became friends quickly and mentioned each other for like, almost a month. I also met him in game and talked with each other. We also had an art trade shortly after we became friends and exchange each other dA's account. (see full story here) (see the art trade here and here)
*link for the art trade is his blog, you can see from my Link tabs too*

and how about jew's ear? I asked about his nickname and then... sorry about the English language

it was hard to find these tweets :"

see what I mean here? He proclaimed himself as jew's ear (mushroom).

anyway, it was a nice experience to know others, especially foreign friend! Although we had several language issues, they didn't seem to hold up/break our friendship!
I hope we can get closer to each other!!

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